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RGK750 automatic mains failure genset controller

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RGK750 automatic mains failure genset controller

The range of genset controllers has been expanded with the addition of the new RGK750 AMF controller.
RGK750 has been introduced to complete the range between RGK700 and RGK800 controllers. In the table below are highlighted the main differences between the three controllers:

General characteristics

  • Genset control with automatic management of mains-generator switching
  • 128x80 pixel, backlit LCD screen with 4 levels of grey
  • 13 function and setting keys
  • Built-in buzzer (can be deactivated)
  • 10 LEDs for operating modes and status indications
  • 5-language text for measurements, settings and messages
  • Expansion bus with 2 slots for EXP series expansion modules:
    - RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, GSM/GPRS communications interface
    - Additional digital I/O, static or relay outputs
  • Advanced programmable I/O functions
  • 4 alternative configurations can be managed, selectable by remote selector switch
  • Integrated PLC logic with thresholds, counters, alarms, status
  • Fully user-definable alarms
  • High accuracy TRMS measurement
  • 3-phase + neutral mains voltage reading input
  • 3-phase + neutral genset voltage reading input
  • 3-phase load currents reading input
  • 12/24 VDC universal battery power supply
  • Front optical programming interface, galvanically isolated, high speed, IP65, USB and Wi-Fi compatible
  • 3 analog inputs for resistive sensors:
    - Oil pressure
    - Coolant temperature
    - Fuel level
  • 9 digital inputs:
    - 8 programmable, negative
    - 1 for emergency-stop pushbutton, positive
  • 10 digital outputs:
    - 6 protected positive static outputs
    - 3 relay outputs
    - 1 pulse static output
  • Engine speed reading W and pick-up input
  • CAN bus-J1939 engine ECU control communications interface
  • Calendar-clock (RTC) with backup reserve energy
  • Storage of last 250 events
  • Support for remote alarms and remote annunciator.

Certifications and compliance
Certifications obtained: EAC.
Compliant with standards: IEC/EN 61010-1, IEC/EN 61000-6-2, IEC/EN 61000-6-3, UL508, CSA C22.2 N°14.

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