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GM series switch disconnectors

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GM series switch disconnectors

They are specifically intended for the North American market as they are compliant with the UL98 standard. They have CC type fuses for 30A, J type fuses for 30 to 600A and L type fuses for 800A. The series includes many accessories, such as the NFPA79 compliant drive handle. 

General characteristics

  • General purpose current according to UL98: 30A to 800A
  • Compact dimensions
  • Available versions: direct operating and door coupling
  • Screw or 35mm DIN rail fixing for GMF...030 types
  • Possibility to adjust the position of the clips for fixing screw on plate for GMF...060 to GMF L800 types.

Operational characteristics

  • IEC rated insulation voltage Ui: 1000V
  • UL max operating voltage: 600V
  • IEC rated impulse withstand Uimp: 12kV
  • Mechanical life:
    - 10,000 cycles for GMF...030 and GMF...060
    - 8,000 cycles for GMF J100 C03 and GMF J200 C03
    - 5,000 cycles for GMF J400 C03 and GMF J600 C03
    - 3,000 cycles for GMF L800 C03.

Certifications and compliance
Certifications obtained: cULus according to UL98/CSA C22.2 n°4.
Compliant with standards: IEC/EN 60947-3, IEC/EN 60947-1.

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