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VLB3 variable speed drives available as modular kits

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VLB3 variable speed drives available as modular kits

Customizable solutions with power, logic and control units - up to 75 kW

VLB3 variable speed drives

Three phase VLB3 variable speed drives are now available as modular kits, combining different power, logic and control units, creating tailor-made solutions and giving you the possibility to customize the drive according to its final application. Versatility and performance are enclosed in a compact space, with three different snap-on control units that let you command the drive on site, with display and keyboard, via USB or from afar using Wi-Fi. Logic units are interchangeable and available with different bus protocols.

A big addition has been made enhancing the ratings of the drive as well, passing from 30kW max and now reaching up to 75kW (37 to 75kW solutions available only as separate units).


  • speed or torque control
  • V/f linear or squared curves
  • open or closed loop vector control
  • energy-saving ECO control
  • S curves
  • quick speed search
  • access to DC bus
  • DC braking and DC injection at start
  • built-in PID with sleep and wake-up thresholds
  • programmable frequency/time cycles
  • ideal for asynchronous or permanent magnet
  • motors
  • different parameter configurations
  • user menu (favourite parameters)
  • Safe Torque Off  (STO) input accessory class SIL 3
  • (EN62061 / EN61800-5-2).

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